Image impact presentation

Image impact presentationThis lively and interactive presentation, which can last from 60 – 90 minutes, will show your team how to achieve a good business image that relates to their industry whilst taking the brand values of your company into consideration. The sample agenda below can be further customised to suit your objectives and timings.


Introduction and welcome

Image in Business: It’s personal

First impressions

  • How your appearance impacts others
  • The importance of personal image
  • What your image says about you
  • What your image says about your company
  • Creating the desired impression

Professional colour

  • Wearing colour for impact
  • Suitable options

Style personality

  • The six style personalities
  • Identifying your style personality
  • Different personality = different clothes
  • Understanding your style personality

Business style

  • Appropriate business dress
  • What’s acceptable and what to avoid
  • Smart/business casual/casual/dress-down – what it means


  • Attention to detail
  • Finishing the look

Questions and close