Transitioning into the corporate workplace

Transitioning into corporate workplaceTransitioning into the corporate workplace can pose numerous challenges for your graduate trainees and employees just starting their careers. This session format consists of a one hour presentation to all delegates, highlighting the importance of a professional image, and is followed by individual one-to-one consultations.

Presentation to all delegates

(60 minutes)

Introduction and welcome

Image in Business: It’s personal

The Importance of personal image

  • First impressions
  • What your image says about you
  • Creating the desired impression

Professional / Personal image

  • Professional values
  • How to project these values to others through behaviour and image
  • Body language and communication skills

The importance of colour

  • An introduction to colour analysis
  • The six dominants
  • What’s your dominant?

Your Style

  • Assessing your style
  • The style personalities
  • The body shapes

One-to-one personal consultations

(60 minutes per person)

Colour analysis

  • Your colours
  • How to wear them
  • Bringing them into your existing wardrobe
  • Effective colour combinations for work and casual wear
  • Wearing colours for impact

Style consultation

  • Analysing your body shape and proportions
  • Finding your style personality
  • Suitable clothing options for your body shape, proportions and Style Personality

Grooming Tips

  • Making the difference