Building executive presence through personal branding

building executive presence through personal brandingAny important aspect of senior leadership is understanding how to influence and create impact when required.  This full day session will cover the essentials to help you understand and build your personal brand.

Introduction and welcome

Leadership profile

  • Develop your ‘personal leadership profile’ through modeling, personal profiling, determining desired state and preferred style
  • Clarity on personal value set

Communication style

  • Personal communication audit
  • Representational systems
  • Techniques
  • Enhance your communication style
  • Influencing key stakeholders

Leadership behaviours

  • The what and how
  • Adaptation
  • Building a senior persona
  • Tool kit – behavior template and action plan
  • Presentation Skills

Presentation skills

  • Physical and verbal critique
  • Senior leader image review

Bringing it all together

  • Physical and verbal critique
  • Robust action plan

Questions and close