Corporate executive training

Corporate executive trainingExceptional people have a star quality, a kind of sparkle and self-assuredness.  When they enter a room, people notice – partly because they’re well dressed and their body language exudes ease and confidence.  This full day workshop will show attendees how they can develop the most compelling version of themselves.

Introduction and welcome

Assessing personal impact

  • What qualities make someone impactful?
  • How you describe your impact
  • How others would describe your impact
  • How would you look your impact to be? (Strenghts/Challenges)
  • Exercise: The leader you would like to be

First impressions

  • The first 30 seconds
  • Using colour for maximum impact
  • Perfect grooming
  • Making the most of your business style


  • What qualities make someone confident?
  • How would you describe your confidence?
  • How would others describe your confidence?
  • Exercise: Self-belief
  • Effective body language
  • Exercise: Finding your neutral position
  • Voice: Speaking in meetings in presentations
  • Exercise: Breath; Brake; Bond; Balance

Strong relationships

  • Building rapport: your style of engaging people
  • Successful networking – ‘Hope’ is not a strategy
  • Exercise: Widening your Circle
  • When relationships get challenging
  • Exercise: Your colour energy – Understanding the drivers of others

Mindfulness of well-being

  • Increasing mindfulness
  • When are you at your best?
  • When are you at your worst?
  • Identifying triggers – create a trigger watch
  • Exercise: How to be run down and miserable at work
  • What needs to change?

Questions and close