Graduate trainee programme

Graduate trainee programmeTransitioning into the corporate workplace can pose numerous challenges for your graduate trainees and employees just starting their careers.  This half-day or full-day workshop is a great way for your organisation to convey what professional image is expected of your new employees, whilst building their confidence and work performance.


What is personal presence?

First impressions

  • How they are formed
  • How your image impacts others
  • The image of your organisation
  • Making the most of your first impression

Image in business: It’s personal

  • Your personal image review
  • How do you rate yourself against your peers?
  • The professional image you wish to convey
  • How to appearance reflects excellence

Body language & communication

  • Understanding the messages
  • Attitude & energies
  • Appropriate, professional body language
  • Communication & voice considerations

The well-dressed professional

  • Appropriate business dress
  • Effective, professional options to suit you
  • Business casual vs. formal options

Attention to detail

  • Grooming for the corporate world – common pitfalls
  • Grooming tips – finishing your look

Questions and close