Leadership skills

leadership skillsThis one – two day workshop will enable new and aspiring leaders to think differently about their day-to-day interactions. It will help them to manage themselves and their own time more effectively enabling them to build productive relationships with those they manage and their peers.

Day One

Self Management

  • What is management? – models and theories
  • Time management -The Four D model
  • SMART objectives
  • To do lists

Motivating Others

  • Herzberg and McClelland’s theories
  • How to achieve goals

Great Communication

  • Active listening
  • How to speak with confidence and conviction
  • Voice patterns – pitch, tone and pace
  • Written communication skills – the 7 ‘Cs’
  • Delivering feedback
  • Team meetings/briefings

Day Two

Selection and Recruitment

  • Interview framework
  • Interview funnel
  • Competency based models
  • Evaluation and rating
  • Non discriminatory recruitment

Performance Management

  • Managing people – minimum/maximum support model
  • Types of measures
  • Handling performance issues
  • Coaching for performance

Conflict Management

  • Why are some people difficult?
  • How to say no
  • Conflict resolution

Close and personal action planning