Image impact workshop

Image Impact WorkshopThe main purpose of the Image Impact Workshop is to show delegates how to enhance their professional image which in turn builds their confidence and improves their performance in business. The sample agenda below can be personalised to suit any personal objectives, but would generally include the following:

Introduction and welcome

First impressions

  • How your image impacts others

Your image: It’s personal

  • Your personal image review
  • How do you rate yourself against your peers?
  • The image you wish to convey

Body language

  • What does yours say about you?
  • From communication & voice to handshakes and manners
  • Networking skills

Colour analysis

  • The six dominants
  • Different dominants = different colours
  • Understanding your best colours
  • Wearing colours for impact
  • Putting your colours together
  • Integrating colour into your existing wardrobe

Your style

  • Different body shape = different styles
  • Understanding your style personality
  • Effective options – business casual vs. formal dress guidelines
  • Proper fit and recognising quality
  • Accessories

Attention to detail

  • Grooming tips – finishing the look
  • Maintaining your wardrobe

Questions and close